Industrial agriculture complex

8000 hectares
common land bank of agricultural enterprises
70 000 tons
producing industrial agriculture products annually

Information about the branch

Agriculture is of great importance for Ukraine and is a key sector of its economy. Our Motherland is known for its fertile soils, which is one of the main advantages of the state. In addition to chernozems, the country is rich in sod-podzolic, chestnut saline, brown, sandy, meadow, and other soils (a total of 800 types).

Realizing that our country has a huge potential in the segment of the agro-industrial complex, we decided to invest in the agricultural sector in several directions at once: growing and processing grains, meat, and milk production, and growing fruits and vegetables. Our fields, gardens, and farms are located on the fertile lands of the Cherkasy region. The company is engaged in the cultivation, sale, and processing of grain crops.